• Store your belongings in our open space  storage facilities .
  • You have  a predetermined space  for your belongings  according to your needs .
  • We can accomodate you no matter what the size or dimensions of your storage items .
  • Large garage doors 3.5 meters width X 3.5 meters height facilitateĀ  loading / unloading
  • Our storage facilities are inĀ  brick and mortar buildings without moisture
  • Clean with fresh air ventilation so you can leave your belongings for years
  • On quiet streets with ample parking for easy access.

If you are unsure how much space you will need

  • -make an appointment so we can show you other customers’ storage space
  • We have over 150 customers at any given time

All inclusive Prices 

  • 4 cubic meters at 20 euro per month
  • 10 cubic meters at 48 euro per month
  • 20 cubic meters at 96 euro per month

Call us to make an appointment !

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