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Moving house means packing and storing your household appliances, storing your furniture, storing your household belongings. , But for you, it also means breaking things, losing things and otherwise ruining the household items you really were trying to protect. At the major storage facility provider in Athens Greece with over 10 years experience we have seen there are 5 reasons why .

1.   You Don’t Label

Labelling is the way you know where to put your boxes. Add labels saying where boxes are for. Write FRAGILE outside the box if they are delicate .

2.   You Use Weak Boxes

Although it is tempting to use any box to pack, the fact is that not all boxes were made for this job. Ideally, you will use strong boxes for all your packing, or at least for the heaviest items.

3.   You Don’t Dry Your Things

When packing any clothing, especially for long-term self storage make sure they dry. If you don’t, you are highly likely to have an issue with mould, and mildew

4.   You’re Stacking Badly

Whether you stack the boxes at home, in your affordable self storage unit or in the new place, if you’re doing it badly you are putting the boxes and the people around the boxes in danger. Badly stacked boxes can crush the lowest boxes, and may fall from a height. Always stack boxes with the heaviest at the bottom and next to a wall, ideally using shelving if you can to create more stability.

5.   You Just Chuck Anything Into The Boxes

Are you guilty of just throwing anything into packing boxes without a thought? If that is you, you’re causing all kinds of chaos. Yes it takes longer to pack properly, matching items together, wrapping up sharps and toiletries, and being more methodical overall, but you will find that you thank yourself when your items get to the new house in one piece. Εverything is more organised for unpacking, too.

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