Apothikes.eu cheapest storage in Athens

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Storage from only 20 euro per month all inclusive price!

Apothikes.eu is the leading storage facility in Athens with over 15 years experience .
With the demand for storage space increasing every day, we know how to meet that challenge at a price you can afford. We offer the lowest prices in Athens and provide the perfect solution for the additional space you need, when you need it.



  • All inclusive Prices
  • 5 sq. meters- 95 euro /month
  • 8 sq. meters- 130 euro /month
  • 10 sq. meters -160 euro/month
  • Brick &mortar storage facilities
  • Clean without moisture
  • Fresh air ventilation
  • You lock your storage unit
  • 24/7  access
  • Convenient central locations
  • Ample free parking


  • All inclusive Prices
  • 4 cubic meters – 20 euro/month
  • 10 cubic meters – 48 euro/month
  • 20 cubic meters – 96 euro/month
  • Brick & mortar storage facilities
  • Clean without moisture
  • Fresh air ventilation
  • Free daily access to your storage space
  • Convenient central  locations
  • Ample free parking
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Brick & mortar buildings

Central locations & free daily access

-All our storage facilities are in brick and mortar buildings to protect your personal belongings from extreme hot and cold temperatures.
Most storage facilities are in prefabricated metal buildings reaching boiling temperatures in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter .

-All our storage facilities are in central locations with ample parking.
You have free access to your belongings every day .
Most storage facilities are in remote locations with one hour travelling time each way and expensive petrol cost . Also most require payment for you to access your belongings with a time consuming procedure .

All our storage facilities have fresh air ventilation
so you can leave your belongings with us for years with peace of mind !

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